How much will noise be reduced at my location?

    We have completed several acoustic surveys in the area, and our experts have informed us that the noise barrier will achieve effective reductions in noise across the properties in Siebert Road, Invicta Road and Westcombe Hill. The noise reduction will be dependent on the height of the road and distance between the barrier and property.  

    Will you do anything else to reduce noise levels?

    We are investigating additional or alternative ways of reducing noise in the area. This includes reviewing the impact and benefits of reducing the speed limit for vehicles on the approach to Blackwall Tunnel.  

    Why is the barrier not the same height at all locations?

    We have chosen a barrier height of 2m along most of the route as our experts have recommended this height will provide reasonable, quantifiable reductions in noise to properties along the route. This was backed up with acoustic surveys and modelling.  

    Using any higher barrier will be imposing and would affect the light into some properties.    

    At the southern end for the higher buildings, we are recommending a 3m height barrier to ensure a lower noise level for all floors of those properties. The 3m height barrier in this location will not be as imposing as such a barrier to the north due to the adjacent vegetation. 

    Why are you proposing a noise barrier made from timber?

    Following our feasibility studies, a timber barrier was shown to be both an effective and attractive material for the location. They are easy to install and can be easily sourced from sustainable materials, as well as providing value for money.  

    It is a popular, high performing material for this kind of barrier.  When replacement panels are required TfL will be able to source them quickly and easily due to their availability. A timber barrier would also blend well into the surrounding environment, alongside the trees, bushes and vegetation along the planned route.  

    Why are you not planning to install a green ‘living’ wall?

    From a technical, engineering and cost perspective, we have concluded that a green ‘living’ barrier should not be progressed. We are aware this is something that some residents have suggested should be installed but following feasibility studies we have concluded it is not the best suited solution for this location.  

    Among the factors informing this decision are issues around construction, particularly the sections of barrier close to residents’ gardens. A greater area to provide access for installing a green barrier would be required and the land at different heights causes further difficultly. Green walls require considerable maintenance with systems such as irrigation and swapping out plants requiring more regular access to gardens for maintenance and a much higher operational budget.  

    Our experts have advised that a suitable green barrier would also provide a reduced acoustic performance compared to timber.  

    How much vegetation will be removed as part of your works?

    We may need to remove some vegetation as part of our plans to build the noise barrier. This includes removal of shrubbery and scrub, pruning of tree branches along the route and felling of trees by Wentworth House, but only where necessary. We plan to keep this to a minimum and only remove any vegetation where essential to facilitate the construction works.  

    We will explore the potential to provide biodiversity enhancements by replacing removed shrubbery, scrub and trees with native species.  

    Will you affect local wildlife?

    We will plan our construction to minimise impacts on wildlife in the area as far as practical, including protected species such as bats, reptiles and badgers, in line with best practice. 

    We will explore the potential to provide biodiversity enhancements by installing bird boxes and bat boxes.  

    Will you need to access my property to install the barrier?

    There will be impact on some residents’ property and gardens. We are still finalising our plans for the installation of the barrier and we will be in touch with those residents as soon as we can.