Will bus route 633 run more frequently under this proposal?

    We are not proposing a change in frequency for either bus route 633 or 463. 

    Route 633 currently operates four journeys each Monday-Friday school day. There are two journeys each morning and two journeys each afternoon, as follows:

    Coulsdon South Station, towards Church Road: 07:28 and 15:00. 

    Church Road, towards Coulsdon South Station: 07:30 and 15:25. 

    Should we decide to proceed with this proposal, new departure times would be introduced from South Lodge Avenue in Pollards Hill. 

    The 463 bus route on the TfL website differs from the route proposed for the extended route 633

    Between May to July 2021 for approximately six weeks, route 463 is subject to diversion. This is due to ongoing utility work along Beddington Lane. Once the utility work is complete, the service will revert to its normal line of route.

    You can read more about the Beddington Lane utility work on the Southern Gas Network website here:


    How are you going to use our feedback?

    We will carefully consider all the consultation responses we receive as part of our decision-making process.

    In deciding whether or not to proceed with this proposal, your feedback will help us to:

    • Understand the level of support or opposition for the proposal
    • Understand any issues that might affect the proposal of which we are not aware
    • Understand concerns and objections