Consultation has concluded

If you have any questions about the scheme, you can ask us here. We will then aim to get back to you.

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    When would any changes take place?

    EmperorDog asked 9 months ago

    Subject to the outcome of consultation, if it is decided to proceed with the proposed changes to bus routes 79 and 83 these routes could change by March 2024.

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    Are there any better consultations where you can just extend bus routes without re-routing or withdrawing sections of the bus route?

    Shayan24 asked 9 months ago

    We keep the London bus network under constant review as part of our aim to ensure we can offer a strong bus service, while simplifying the network to ensure buses are operating frequently and reliably in the areas that need them most.  We need to take a number of factors into consideration when planning and proposing changes to the bus network and this typically results in a proposal or set of proposals that are designed to complement the network. 

    The changes being consulted on are intended to help create a simple yet comprehensive local bus network that supports current and future travel patterns, delivers value for money, and continues to provide a frequent, comfortable, and accessible service that customers want to use and can rely on. When developing these proposals we have also sought to ensure bus services are operating efficiently and not creating unnecessary congestion on the road network due to too many buses operating in the same areas, often with low passenger numbers.