If you decide to go ahead with these proposals, when would the changes be introduced?

    Subject to consultation, the changes would be introduced in the financial year 2023/24, and only after customers have been informed of any changes

    Will the frequency of any bus routes change as part of the proposals?

    Yes, as we are planning to change the frequency of some routes to ensure there is adequate capacity when a parallel service is withdrawn or rerouted. As ever, we will keep any changes to service levels under close review.

    Will changes be considered if demand increases or travel patterns change?

    The flexible nature of our bus network means we can adjust services to meet changing demand, but we believe that the revised network of routes in central London is the right one for now and future travel demands.

    The consultation date has been extended from 12 July to 7 August. Is this because the original dates were incorrect?

    We had planned the consultation for six weeks as we originally considered this to be appropriate in the circumstances. However, given the continued high levels of interest in this particular consultation, we are extending the time available for Londoners to respond.

    Will ten weeks become the standard for TfL bus consultations?

    No, in many cases we have found that six week consultations are appropriate. What is appropriate for any consultation is likely to depend on the nature and impact of the proposals.  In this case we decided to extend the consultation due to continued high levels of interest.

    How have you communicated the consultation extension?

    We are emailing our customers on the affected routes, and writing to key stakeholders and impacted communities. We are also in the process of updating bus stop posters and other marketing.