The proposals in more detail

Changes to the South Circular Road (Catford Road)

We propose to move the South Circular Road (Catford Road) to run through the existing Canadian Avenue car park at Laurence House where it will then cross the A21 Bromley Road at a redesigned junction and join directly with Sangley Road. This creates more pedestrian space for the public within the town centre.

The proposals aim to:

  • Create a largely car-free town centre with improved pedestrian access to shops, leisure facilities and other local amenities - vehicle access for servicing/deliveries will remain as it is now
  • Simplify the road network by removing the one-way system around Plassy Island, making it two-way
  • Improve walking and cycling infrastructure with new segregated cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and wider pavements
  • Provide a new public space with trees and greening
  • Accommodate Lewisham Council’s Catford Town Centre Framework aspirations to transform Catford

Changes for cyclists

The new section of the South Circular (Catford Road) would feature a new two-way cycle lane along the south side of Catford Road. We also propose to make improvements for cyclists through the town centre. This includes:

  • A new two-way segregated cycle lane along the new section of Catford Road
  • New segregated cycle lanes along Rushey Green between Catford Road and Brownhill Road - new bus stop by-passes will provide pedestrian access to the bus stops
  • A wider northbound bus lane on Rushey Green between Brownhill Road and Wildfell Road
  • A new shared facility on the widened southern footway of Sangley Road
  • New toucan crossings to improve access between the town centre, stations and the wider area
  • Advanced Stop Lanes (‘bike boxes’) and signalised early release for cyclists at the new junction of Catford Road, Sangley Road and Bromley Road

Changes for pedestrians

We want to make Catford town centre a more comfortable place to get around for those on foot. Our proposed changes include:

  • Wider footpaths between Catford Bridge Station and the town centre
  • A new light controlled pedestrian crossing over Catford Road at Catford Bridge station
  • New light controlled pedestrian crossings over Catford Road near Thomas Lane, over Canadian Avenue and over Plassy Road at Sangley Road
  • Improved light controlled pedestrian crossings in the town centre
  • New light-controlled pedestrian crossings on all arms of the new junction at Catford Road, Sangley Road and Bromley Road
  • Simplifying the junction of Rushey Green and Brownhill Road to introduce new ‘straight across’ pedestrian crossings to make crossing the A21 Rushey Green easier for pedestrians

Changes for bus passengers

We would need to relocate some bus stops in the town centre, which may affect journeys for people who travel to or through Catford town centre by bus. Removing the need for some bus routes to travel around the gyratory system will also make some bus journeys quicker. Some bus passengers may have a shorter walk, while others may have a little longer walk from the bus stop to the shops and leisure facilities than they do now.

We have produced a document summarising the changes to bus routes which travel through Catford Town Centre.

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