Why are we proposing this?

    There were 29 collisions including seven resulting in serious injury, over a three-year period from 1st September 2019 – 31st August 2022

    Local concern and aspiration
    Over the last six years, we’ve received two petitions from local people highlighting safety concerns and aspirations for East Sheen to be more pedestrian friendly 

    Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy  
    Vision Zero
    The Mayor's objective is for all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions to be eliminated from London's streets by 2041  

    Healthy Streets
    The Mayor sets out how investing in our streets using the ‘Healthy Streets’ approach can improve air quality, help make London's diverse communities greener, healthier, and more attractive places to live, work, play and do business. The target is for 80 per cent of all London trips to be made by walking, cycling or public transport by 2041

    How could this benefit me?

    We want East Sheen to be a safer, better place for pedestrians and cyclists.

    We’re proposing to 

    • Introduce Right Turn Only lanes at the A205 Upper Richmond Road West junction with Sheen Lane
    • Introduce advance green light and stop line for cyclists on the A205 Upper Richmond Road West junction with Sheen Lane
    • Close the slip road at Milestone Green permanently   
    • Create a longer loading and disabled parking bay 
    • Remove one traffic lane at Sheen Lane so it’s one lane in each direction 
    • Reduce the speed limit to 20mph
    • Introduce pavement level crossing points at existing push button and zebra crossings
    • Shorten pedestrian crossing distances 
    • Widen the pavement, add 1 metre plant border, remove the railings and introduce pedestrian lights with countdown timer outside East Sheen Primary School

    How could this scheme impact on me?

    We have a legal duty to consider how our proposals could affect vulnerable people, such as children or older people. Read our Equality Impact Assessment to find out more.

    How could this affect journey times and traffic flow?

    Our traffic modelling indicates using the A205 Upper Richmond Road West junction with Sheen Lane could take 60 seconds longer at peak times only. 

    Except going straight ahead on the A205 eastbound, which could take 60 seconds longer at all times. 

    We anticipate pedestrians may have to wait 16 seconds longer at this junction at peak times.

    Why are you removing railings outside East Sheen Primary School?

    We’re widening the pavement by 1 metre and adding 1 metre plant border.  

    This wider pedestrian area means we don’t need railings anymore.

    This is safer for cyclists, who can get trapped between the railings and traffic.

    What improvements are you offering to cyclists?

    We’re proposing:

    • Advance green light and stop lines for cyclists on A205 Upper Richmond Road West junction with Sheen Lane
    • Reduce speed limit from 30mph to 20mph
    • Remove railings outside East Sheen Primary School
    • Narrow road outside East Sheen Primary School to help slow traffic
    • Resurfacing the road and adding cycle logos

    Why does your project only cover on and around A205 Upper Richmond Road West?

    TfL is responsible for London’s busiest roads, called the red routes. This includes the A205 Upper Richmond Road. Richmond council is responsible for other roads. 

    When could these changes happen?

    Subject to consultation, we hope to start on site by late 2024.