Route 91

Our proposals

Route 91 currently runs between Tottenham Lane in Crouch End and Trafalgar Square.

We propose to extend route 91 from its current terminus on Tottenham Lane to Wood Green Station via the Haringey Heartlands development. This would provide a new bus service through the centre of Haringey Heartlands with new direct journey opportunities to Wood Green, Crouch End, Nag’s Head and locations in central London such as King’s Cross, Holborn and Trafalgar Square.

The proposed extension would run on the following roads between Crouch End and Wood Green:

  • Tottenham Lane, Church Lane (towards Wood Green), Turnpike Lane and Hornsey Park Road, Clarendon Road, Mary Neuner Road, Western Road, Mayes Road and Station Road. The route would run to Wood Green Station, bus stop G on the high road, where it would terminate
  • Route 91 would operate on the same roads in both directions between Wood Green and Crouch End, except in the Hornsey area where it would run on Church Lane towards Wood Green and the northern end of Tottenham Lane towards Trafalgar Square

Current frequencies would remain as they are. The existing routeing between Crouch End and Trafalgar Square would not change. Proposed bus stop names and locations are indicative for consultation purposes.

A map showing proposals for routes 91 and N91 can be found below.

A linear diagram showing the current and proposed route 91 can be found below.

How these proposals may change your bus journey

  • Towards Wood Green, route 91 would newly serve existing bus stops S and T on Tottenham Lane, D on Hornsey High Street, E on Turnpike Lane, B on Station Road and G on Wood Green High Road. The current last stop on Tottenham Lane, Z1, would no longer be served; however, it would be replaced by stop S which is a distance of approximately 70 metres from stop Z1
  • Towards Trafalgar Square, route 91 would newly serve existing bus stops F on Lordship Lane, A on Station Road, H on Turnpike Lane and U and V on Tottenham Lane
  • New bus stops in both directions are planned within Haringey Heartlands on Mary Neuner Road and Western Road, providing a connection to the nearby centres of Wood Green and Crouch End, as well as to and from central London
  • Customers using route 91 would also have new direct journey opportunities between Wood Green and Haringey Heartlands, Crouch End, Caledonian Road and Barnsbury Station, Kings Cross Station, The British Library and Theatreland (Drury Lane)
  • All existing bus stops on route 91 would continue to be served (with the exception of stop Z1 on Tottenham Lane, as described above)

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