Proposal Three

a. Improve bus services in Ruislip by extending E7 from Ruislip West End Road to Bishop Ramsey High School/Highgrove leisure centre

b. To simplify route through Ruislip town centre, the E7 would no longer stop at Ruislip station, Wood Lane, Ickenham Road or Pembroke Road

Eastcote Road
To increase bus services in Ruislip, the E7 extension would run along the northern end of Ruislip High Street and western end of Eastcote Road.

This section of Eastcote Road isn’t currently served by buses, so new stops would be needed.

The E7 uses double deck buses.

Ruislip Station
The E7 would no longer stop at Ruislip station.

To access the station, passengers would walk 180 metres. Up to 1,225 passengers (18%) would be affected.

However, some of these people would benefit from being closer to the High Street.

Simplified route in Ruislip town centre
The E7 would no longer follow the off peak route on Wood Lane, Ickenham Road or Pembroke Road.

This means Wood Lane would no longer be served by a bus service, however local services are around 400 metres or 5 - 6 minute walk on Ruislip High Street.

The map below shows the proposed changes.

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