Why are you proposing these changes?

    • Encourages people to use public transport
    • Offers more frequent bus service for 112,600 weekday passengers
    • Creates a new bus route across Uxbridge, Hillingdon
    • Improves links to Ruislip, Hillingdon Hospital, Brunel University, Heathrow and West Drayton station
    • Offers good value for money and efficient use of bus services

    What are the other impacts of the scheme?

    There are some changes for people travelling to Brunel University: 

    Proposal One to merge the U1 with the U3    

    • Would affect 170 journeys to east side of Brunel University from north of Uxbridge (4% trips) 
    • Would affect 60 journeys to east side of Brunel University from south of Hillingdon Hospital (1% trips)

    Proposal Two to reroute U2 to West Drayton station, and no longer stop at Brunel University 

    • Would affect 120 journeys to and from Brunel University (2% trips)