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  • Part 3 Proposals

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    Part 3 of our consultation covers:

    • Proposed changes to some of the licence conditions and requirements that apply to all licensed PHV operators
    • Proposals for new licensing conditions and requirements that would apply to all PHV operators
    • Areas where we are seeking views but are not proposing changes at this stage

    The table below shows:

    • The reference number for each of our proposals – please make sure you include the reference number when commenting on a proposal
    • Our proposals
    • What we want to know

    You can find further information on our proposals in the Part 3 factsheet. The factsheet includes the supporting information which explains each proposal in more detail.

    Reference Proposal What we want to know
    Op1: Reporting convictions

    We propose to change the time PHV operators have to notify us of convictions from 14 days to 48 hours.

    We are also proposing to extend the requirement to cover being arrested and released, charged, and cautioned as well as convicted.
    For all of the proposals in Part 3 we want to know if:
    • You support our proposals.
    • You think there are any issue with our proposal
    • Where timescales to take action are proposed, where these are appropriate

    We propose that within 48 hours of receiving a safety related complaint about a PHV driver, a PHV operator should:

    • Assess whether it is necessary to suspend or remove that driver account pending further inquiries
    • Notify us if they have suspended or removed a PHV driver
    Op3: Lost property We propose that PHV operators will be required to make reasonable attempts to contact the owners of the lost property, where the owner is known and can be contacted.
    Op4: Complaints information
    We propose that booking confirmations from PHV operators will have to include information on how passengers can make a complaint to TfL and the operator.
    Op5: Operating model changes
    We propose that PHV operators must notify us of any material changes to their operating model at least 28 days before the change is made.
    Op6: Complaints records
    We propose that PHV operators will have to retain complaints records for three years instead of 12 months.
    Op7: Data breaches
    We propose that all PHV operators would be required to notify TfL within 72 hours of all data breaches, material data losses or infringements of data protection law affecting the data of UK drivers and/or customers, whether those incidents occur in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.
    Op8: Document checks

    We propose that all PHV operators must have in place and make use of appropriate checks to:

    • Verify that all documents provided by PHV drivers are legitimate
    • Confirm documents relate to the PHV driver providing them
    • Verify that all documents (e.g. licence, insurance, etc.) provided by PHV owners are legitimate
    • Confirm PHV documents relate to the relevant vehicle
    The checks will need to be carried out when a PHV driver or PHV is first registered with a PHV operator and then ongoing checks will be required once the driver or vehicle are available to the PHV operator to fulfil bookings.
    Op9: Licence checks

    We propose that all PHV operators should:

    • Regularly and frequently check the validity of PHV driver and PHV licences before making the driver and vehicle available to carry out private hire bookings
    • Use a TfL platform such as the licence checker (or similar) to carry out the checks

    Areas we are keeping under review
    Op10: Public liability insurance
    Public liability insurance

    We are not proposing to remove the requirement for public liability insurance but we are interested in whether you think the current minimum of £5 million for public liability insurance is still appropriate?

    Op11: Ridesharing
    Should there be additional licensing requirements or conditions for all PHV operators who offer ridesharing services?
    Op12: Conditions for larger PHV operators
    Different conditions for PHV operators depending on the tier they are licensed in
    Do you have any views on there being additional conditions for PHV operators in the larger tiers?