What are your plans for Kilburn?

    We intend to undertake a sensitive restoration project to restore the arches at Kilburn. Many arches are currently unsafe and do not meet modern requirements. 

    This project will be a generational opportunity to reintegrate these special spaces with the local high street and community. 

    We will be initially focusing on the Mews area between Kilburn High Road, Maygrove Road and Loveridge Road.

    Do your proposals require planning permission?

    Yes, whatever scheme comes forward we will be required to submit a planning application to both Brent and Camden for determination. 

    Does TfL own all the land?

    As there are three viaducts the ownership of the site is complex with TfL, Network Rail and the Arch Company all holding various interests in the site. 

    Due to the complex land ownership this is why we are pursuing a masterplanning approach to ensure we can identify a scheme that is right for the entire site not just that which is owned by TfL. 

    What will happen to businesses located at the site?

    If we receive planning permission we will require vacant possession of the units in order to undertake the work. 

    We will be working closely with the businesses affected to identify alternative premises. 

    All TfL tenants will be entitled to compensation. 

    When do you plan to start the development?

    Subject to planning permission we expect work to commence in late 2022.

    Will you deliver the project all in one go?

    We are undertaking a masterplan of the site and intend to deliver the project in phases starting with the Mews area opposite the station before moving on to each run of arches heading towards Iverson Road.

    How can I get involved?

    We have been undertaking a series of engagement activities throughout the evolution of our proposals, this has included newsletters, work with a  local school and stakeholder meetings. We will also host a public exhibition located at Cod's Place. 

    We welcome engagement with the community throughout and you can contact the team at kilburnarches@tfl.gov.uk 

    What businesses do you expect to locate at Kilburn Arches once the scheme is complete?

    We do not have any pre-conceptions for what businesses will become our customers at Kilburn once the scheme is completed. 

    The railway arches are unique spaces where light industrial businesses can thrive, we do not see them as just another high street.