What will the scheme achieve?

    The extension of existing bus lanes will enable buses to bypass most of the queuing traffic during busy periods. The minor changes to the alignment of the eastbound cycle lane will improve safety for people cycling along this section, as well as reducing the risk of conflict between people walking, cycling, and using public transport.

    What’s the justification for insetting the disabled parking bays and loading bays?

    Repositioning the Blue Badge and loading bays will free-up the bus lane from parked vehicles and make it feel safer for people parking in the spaces. The proposed bays will also be closer to the shop entrances in this area, and we will be exploring where we can improve the accessibility of the space outside the stops as part of this scheme, such as adding dropped kerbs and ramps.

    Why aren’t you making further improvements to the cycle lanes as part of this scheme?

    There are some locations along Whitechapel Road where people cycling are not fully segregated with motor vehicles. We regularly monitor the cycle lane, and if funding becomes available, will consider any necessary changes.

    Why aren’t you installing pedestrian crossings as part of this scheme, for example on the junctions of Globe Road and White Horse Lane?

    We are aware there are not currently pedestrian crossings at the Globe Road and White Horse Lane junctions. This scheme is focussed on improving bus priority. We will monitor these junctions, and if funding is available, consider any necessary changes.