If you decide to proceed with these proposals, when would the route changes take place?

    Subject to the outcome of consultation, if we decide to proceed with changes to routes R1, R2, R3, R6 and B14, these may take place in early 2025. Any changes would be supported with a customer information to ensure everyone is made aware.

    Are there any changes proposed to other bus routes in Orpington?

    No. These proposals relate to the R1, R2, R3, R6 and B14 bus routes only.

    Some changes to bus timetables are mentioned. Can you confirm the future timetables for routes R1, R3 and B14?

    If the R1 were to replace the R2 as proposed, a Sunday service would be introduced between Biggin Hill Valley and Orpington bus station. Monday to Saturday daytimes - there would be also three buses per hour instead of two buses per hour. Timetables would only be developed following consultation, once a decision as to how we might proceed has been made.

    Noting the proposals for the R3 in Petts Wood include two new sets of bus stops on Queensway and Towncourt Lane. Where exactly would these bus stops be located?

    Subject to the outcome of consultation we would work with the London Borough of Bromley to agree exact locations for new bus stops. In order to simplify the routeing of the R3 in the area, we are proposing the stops could be located (1) on Queensway before its junction with Towncourt Lane, and (2) on Towncourt Lane south of Shepperton Way.