Will route 223 still serve Harrow Bus Station?

    Yes, route 223 will continue to serve stops at Harrow Bus Station (stops E and D) however it will not terminate at the bus station.

    When travelling northbound, the route will continue its journey from Harrow Bus Station stop D via Harrow View to its new terminus at the Eastman Village housing development.

    When travelling southbound, route 223 will travel down Harrow View and serve Harrow Bus Station stop E before continuing its onward journey to Wembley Central.

    Where will the proposed extended bus route terminate on Harrow View?

    We do not have a precise location for where the extended section of route 223 would terminate. However, it is our intention for the route to terminate next to the Eastman Village development on Harrow View, on the site of the old Kodak factory. We have put our suggested terminus for the route on our map of the proposals.

    Are there any changes to the bus route at the Wembley end?

    No, there are no suggested changes to route 223 at its southern end (Wembley). The only proposed change is the extension of the route at its northern end (Harrow).

    Why are you proposing to extend route 223?

    The proposed extension of route 223 would help to serve over 3,200 new homes, as well as homes and businesses along Harrow View. The extension would help to create new connections and interchange opportunities and improve journey times. We also believe that extending route 223 will help to make the Harrow and Wealdstone area more accessible and improve access to jobs, education, healthcare and services in the community.

    How are you going to use my feedback?

    We will carefully consider all the consultation responses we receive as part of our decision-making process. In deciding whether or not to proceed with this proposal, your feedback will help us to:

    • Understand the impacts of the proposals and any issues that we are unaware of
    • Understand concerns and objections
    • Understand if the proposals need to be changed