Will I have to interchange to continue my journey to certain destinations?

    Depending on your journey and final destination, you may have to interchange onto another bus route. Same stop interchange is feasible at most bus stops between Kingsway (Holborn) and Bricklayers Arms.

    For passengers wishing to travel between Grange Road, Canada Water and Tottenham Court Road, they would need to interchange between Bricklayers Arms and Holborn onto route 188.

    A passenger wishing to travel to Old Kent Road would need to interchange onto route 172 between Aldwych and Bricklayers Arms.

    A passenger wishing to travel between Grange Road, North Greenwich and Russell Square would need to interchange onto routes 59, 68, 91 or the new route between Aldwych and Holborn.

    Same stop interchange is possible at several bus stops along routes. Although some bus stops do not have shelters or seating, many bus stops where same stop interchange is possible are accessible, have shelters, seating provision, bus service information and are in well-lit environments.

    Will these changes lead to more crowding at bus stops and on buses?

    We do not expect crowding to arise as a result of these changes. We expect peak bus demand to be accommodated by the revised network.

    Will interchanging buses make my journey more expensive?

    If you need to interchange to another bus route to complete your journey and you are interchanging within an hour of touching in on the first bus, you will use our Hopper fare.

    The Hopper fare gives you unlimited journeys for £1.55 made within one hour of touching in. Touch in using the same card or device on all journeys and you get our Hopper fare automatically.

    If your child travels to school using these routes, they can use an 11-15 Zip Oyster card or a 16+ Oyster card to get free travel on buses.

    How are you going to use our feedback?

    We will carefully consider all the consultation responses we receive as part of our decision-making process.

    In deciding whether or not to proceed with this proposal, your feedback will help us to:

    • Understand the level of support or opposition for the proposal
    • Understand any issues that might affect the proposal of which we are not aware
    • Understand concerns and objections