What are we proposing?

Please see the About our proposals document to read full details about our proposals.

Bus shuttle service

We are proposing a bespoke shuttle bus service which is capable of transporting cyclists and their bikes across the river. We are looking at options where cyclists can either wheel their bike onto the bus or a minibus with a trailer attached. It is intended that bus stops would be spacious for cyclists to wait with their bikes, with good quality customer information available. You can see some images of how these vehicles and stops might look below.

We have not made final decisions and we are seeking your views about the following:

  • Which of these kinds of vehicles would be more comfortable and user friendly
  • Whether the service should be timetabled or ‘on demand’
  • The operating times and service frequency of the potential new service
  • The route the bus would take and where the stops would be located
  • Whether the service would be free to use or have a fare

It is intended that the shuttle bus service would drop cyclists close to existing and proposed cycling infrastructure to enable good connections with our high quality network of Cycleways.

You can see a map of potential new stops and routes for the shuttle bus service below:

View a larger version of the map here

Ferry shuttle service

We are also considering developing a cross-river ferry service for cyclists and pedestrians in the future. Currently, suitable piers and other necessary infrastructure are not available and are not likely to be in place prior to the opening of the Silvertown Tunnel in 2025. However, we remain interested in exploring this kind of service further and would like to hear your views on whether you would use a ferry service if one were to become available in the future.

We have explored possibilities around existing and potential new piers being delivered as part of new developments - you can see a map of these below.

View a larger version of the map here

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