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Route 92 operates between Ealing Hospital and St Raphael’s, Drury Way. Our proposals relate to the section of its route between Engineers Way and Great Central Way only. On this part of its route, the 92 currently operates one-way:

  • eastbound, towards St Raphael’s via Engineers Way, Fifth Way, Fourth Way and Great Central Way; and
  • westbound, towards Ealing Hospital via Great Central Way, South Way, First Way and Engineers Way

We propose to reroute the 92 and change it to two-way operation in the Wembley Stadium area

  • It would serve Fifth Way and Fourth Way in both directions
  • It would no longer serve bus stop C13 on Third Way and bus stop 36584 on First Way

Map showing proposed changes to bus route 92

Download a copy of our map showing proposed changes to route 92

Download a copy our linear map showing current and proposed bus stops on route 92 in the Wembley area

How this may change your route 92 bus journey

We would like to make you aware of the following expected impacts if we were to change route 92 as proposed. Read the Initial Equalities Impact Assessment document for full details:

  • Current users of route 92 would benefit from a common, two-way routing in the Wembley area, simplifying the bus network
  • Passengers currently boarding or alighting at the Third Way bus stop C13 (which would not be served) would need to travel up to 300 metres and cross the road to a proposed new bus stop on Fourth Way. There is not a traffic signal operated crossing point between Third Way and Fourth Way
  • Passengers currently boarding or alighting at the First Way bus stop 36584 (which would not be served) would need to travel around the corner for 250 metres to the existing ‘Olympic Way’ bus stop (36581) on Engineers Way.
  • The proposed Third Way and First Way bus stop changes may impact between 200-300 passengers of route 92

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Consultation has concluded

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