Will the frequency of any bus routes change as part of the proposals?

    There are no plans to change the frequency of these bus routes as part of this consultation. 

    Current Monday to Saturday daytime frequencies for routes 92, 206 and 440 are shown below.

    Route 92 – every 8-9 minutes

    Route 206 – every 12 minutes

    Route 440 – every 15 minutes

    We continually review the bus network to ensure services are operating frequently and reliably in the areas that need them most.

    If you decide to go ahead with these proposals, when would the changes be introduced?

    Subject to consultation, the changes would be introduced in the financial year 2023/24, and only after customers have been informed of any changes.

    Are there any changes proposed to other parts of these bus routes?

    No. These proposals relate to changes to routes 92, 202 and 440 in the Wembley Park area only.