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Highly highly encourage more segregaded bike paths, cycling infrastructure and all efforts to make the city a friendlier, quieter, safer place to navigate by foot and by bycicle.
Cycling through London has been a great experience due to all the changes done over the last few years, the number of cyclists using the infrastructure is refreshing, the city feels more welcoming, inviting and safer.
Thank you for your efforts.

Ruben frs 7 months ago

Great that you are improving the link into town across this key junction. Key question for me is how does one access the new route from the Outer Circle. Linking it to the Outer Circle will open it up for use by many more people.

LoveLondon7trs 7 months ago

looks great!
definitely would use this route more if it was safer :)

1972stock 7 months ago

Brilliant and safe idea to have more cycle way and we are all 100% backing this. Thank you for making this happen and we can’t wait for the work to start happening soon!

brightcolours 8 months ago

Although I don't live on your patch I am a daily utility cyclist and support all efforts to redress the balance between motorists and cyclists/pedestrians. So well done and all power to your elbow. I also think this consultation has been well drafted. Mike

Mikecyclist 8 months ago

I cycle here regularly and it's a nightmare. So any improvement will be better. Ideally all cycle routes should be protected from other traffic. Separate traffic lights are always good but the priority needs to be looked at. As soon as the traffic lights are red, pedestrians will try to cross, so please don't give the first green to the cyclists, it just end in conflict. Allow the pedestrian phase to be first before the cycle phase.

Elmie 8 months ago

Not supportive. We have slow enough traffic, congestion and we should not add more to it. We need clear roads for traffic to flow.

sauk 8 months ago

It's a good idea. I fully support it.
I agree with the 20 m9ile speed limit but unfortunately, it's not followed. Due to the lack of cameras most of the transport runs at well over 30mph, specially motorcyclists and sport cars do over 50mph.

abdulquazi 8 months ago

I welcome the plans to improve the infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians in this area.

JennieL 8 months ago

This is well thought-out and will make life better for residents. It doesn't go far enough- tfl still treat everyone but motorists as 2nd class citizens, but it's a good start.

oldedro 8 months ago

I support this, thank you!

Ihorko 8 months ago

I think this is a great proposal, anything to support cleaner transport - specifically the cycling provisions and wider bus lanes are critical. Thank you.

hannah49 8 months ago

Complete waste of money...................not even a sensible solution for the cyclist. It feels like change for change sake to justify someone's job!!!!

FINANCEMAN 8 months ago

When cyclists start paying road tax, insurance and observe the rules (and legalities) of road crossings I might have some consideration for them. As it is I've been knocked down too many times by idiots on bikes to care. As far as I'm concerned they should be BANNED from streets altogether!

Feverman 8 months ago

I think improving cycling and reducing car traffic in this part of Westminster is a great idea. Would encourage more active commuting, transport and for leisure and improve road safety and that for cyclists and pedestrians.

EdFarr 8 months ago

I support these changes. Thank you for your efforts to improve cycling in London

tsam53 8 months ago

Good to go, approved!

tchiesi99 8 months ago

I think anything that improves road safety for cyclists is a great idea. I am cycling more and more as London gets more safe cycle lanes. I find it outrageous that car users who cause accidents and pollute the air we breathe have right of way on almost every road in the UK. It's not fair and I love that London is taking action!

Zebedee 8 months ago

This is great as I am a full time university student that goes from chiswick to kings cross Central Saint Martins UAL everyday by cycling. So I use the Marylebone road a lot. This would make it more safer and easier.

London2025! 8 months ago

I approve of the aspects of these proposals that provide segregated cycleways or extra cycleways. I also approve of the aspects that improve the pedestrian experience. I am a car driver but cycling and walking should take precedence.

TfLcommentator 8 months ago