The best florist in NW London

... used to be just outside Kilburn station, but closed suddenly and the shop was emptied soon after (pre-lockdown). Enquiries pursuing the florist established that one of the problems they had was a high rent demanded by TfL. The site was then empty for over two years, which meant both no community asset and presumably also no income for tfl. It has now become a coffee shop, to add to Costa in the station (the former newspaper kiosk), a long established cafe on Exeter Rd, a new one in the former sweet shop in front of the station, and the shop across the road that recently doubles as a small cafe - all of which are in your arches, and make life difficult for the long -established cafes on the high road.

Can you make diversity of offering one of the criteria, so we keep the special retailers and don't drown in coffee?

The best VW repairer in NW London survives in another arch on Loveridge Road, near other garages specialising in different marques - the loss of any of these would also be a blow to the diverse community

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