I disagree with the removal of parking spaces. Will there be a negative impact on parking for residents?

    We do not consider that the removal of the parking spaces will impact significantly on parking in the area or nearby. However, as the highway authority, the London Borough of Lewisham is responsible for the management of parking along the affected roads and, subject to the outcome of consultation, it would be for them to consider whether mitigation might ultimately be required.

    I disagree with the proposed location of the new stops. How were these locations selected?

    The proposed locations for the new fixed bus stops were identified in partnership with the London Borough of Lewisham. The locations needed to take into account the space and distances needed for a bus to safely pull into a bus stop cage, so the layout of the roads was a consideration. 

    Wherever possible, bus stops are proposed in places that provide a more consistent and logical bus network and would avoid causing congestion.

    Would the introduction of fixed bus stops mean people have to walk for longer distances to get to a bus stop?

    We have carried out an Equalities Impact Assessment for this proposal. This acknowledged the installation of fixed bus stops may impact on people as they may need to walk further to a bus stop rather than hailing the bus.  

    However, fixed bus stops also provide accessibility benefits. Fixed stops ensure there is always space for buses to pull up alongside the kerb line and that drivers are able to deploy the bus boarding ramp if necessary. This ensures that customers with mobility impairments, along with groups such as parents with buggies, can always be confident of being able to easily board.  

    In addition, fixed stops provide a greater degree of accuracy when using online journey planning apps and can help ensure buses run to time. We believe these advantages, particularly those which improve access to the bus network, offset any disadvantage around a short additional walk to a bus stop. 

    Why do you propose to change the 273 bus route away from Jevington Way?

    This proposed change is suggested as part of the overall proposed conversion of parts of route 273 from hail and ride to fixed bus stops. Jevington Way is not suited to fixed bus stops due to its narrow width, and the presence of sub-surface utilities that would be damaged if bus stops (and required electrical works) were positioned above them.  A move away from Jevington Way would also address safety concerns as a result of buses regularly getting stuck when trying to pass each other along Jevington Way. In some instances, this also led to local traffic congestion and vehicles mounting pavements to get past each other.