What is the Sustainable Development Framework?

    The Sustainable Development Framework (SDF) is a metric driven tool for delivering best practice in the property sector. It has been developed by Transport for London (TfL) as an open-source tool for the entire industry to use.

    With 97 sustainability indicators on environmental sustainability, social impact, and economic development, the SDF represents one of the most comprehensive and results-focused frameworks of its kind in the world.

    This metric-driven tool is helping us become London's leading sustainable developer, resulting in high-impact projects for the public good.

    Why has Transport for London developed it?

    Simply put sustainability is in our DNA. As one of London's leading developers we wanted to set out a clear metric-driven tool to ensure we deliver schemes that are the best they can be for London and the communities we serve.

    How does TfL use it?

    We apply the SDF onto each and every property scheme we deliver. It is used at each stage of the process from early site identification right through to occupation. 

    Does it cover all projects?

    Currently the SDF covers only property developments however, it will expand in remit to also cover our asset and property management portfolios. 

    Is it available for anyone to use?

    Yes, the SDF is an open-source tool and is available for any developer to use.

    How often will TfL update it?


    Will TfL publish information on how projects perform?


    What areas of sustainability does it cover?

    The SDF covers a broad range of sustainability over the triple bottom line of financial, social and environmental sustainability. The 97 indicators sit within these three key areas.

    How can I get involved?

    The sustainability team is running an engagement exercise over the winter and you can take part by attending one of the technical guidance sessions or completing the surveys on this page. Alternatively, please email SDF@tfl.gov.uk